2022 Updates

Monday 9/19/22

Less than 100 days until Christmas! Fall is here, and we are looking forward to the leaves turning and the transition into the holiday season.

It has been a tough growing year in 2022 with record drought. Because it takes about 8-10 years to grow a Christmas tree, we will still feel the effects of the 2022 drought in the year 2032 when we will be harvesting the baby trees we planted this year (many of which, unfortunately, did not survive the dry summer). Smaller trees are far more vulnerable to the effects of the drought than older ones are. 

SO, the good news is that our crop of trees for this year hasn't been too badly effected. We have a nice selection of 5-7 foot primarily concolor fir trees, and we do also have some balsam fir, fraser fir, and white spruce out there too. 

This year we will be open Friday-Sunday November 25th-27th, and December 2nd-4th. Weather plays such a big role in our season, so you should always check our phone line, facebook, or website before heading to the farm to make sure we are open. Sorry, we do not do any tree tagging ahead of cutting season.

Stay tuned for more updates on the season, we look forward to seeing you after Thanksgiving!

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