Creating Family Traditions for 51 years. 1964-2015



  • Fraser Fir, strong branches, deep green with silver undersides, fragrant, long lasting tree.
  • Concolor Fir, bluish/silver long needles, exotic looking, long lasting tree with citrus smell.
  • Balsam Fir, fragrant familiar smell, deep green needles. Your typical Christmas Tree.
  • Caanan Fir, new for us in 2006, found only in the Jessie Field, great shape and smell.
  • Fralsam Fir, a Fraser/Balsam cross, strong branches and great smell, found in George & Michael Fields only.

  • White Spruce, our biggest seller, not the longest lasting tree, being fresh-cut helps it last a long time, you cannot beat the great large shape
  • Red Spruce, soft green-yellow color, great shape, beautiful with little lights and ornaments.